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22 December 2020 @ 12:24 pm

...because this is a personal journal by an eco friendly Lolita who wants to change her world!

Take your time and think before adding me:
Why do you want to add me? What does "friends" mean to you? Are you active on LJ? Do we have something in common?
Are you open minded?

To understand my personality I will give you some hints.

cynical, political, ecological, intimate, shy, brave, nonesense, autarkical, fandom, flexitarian, metal-warrior, tattoos, nemophilist, festivals, gardener, activist, fashion, dreamer, hardliner, beer, art, liberal, common sense, freedom

For more understanding I suggest you to watch this small selection of movies:

Plastic Planet (partially english)
Cotton (gemarn only)
We feed the world sub trailer)
Unser täglich Brot (Our daily bread)
(The links might change from time to time, so please search for the movie titles)

My Sales Feedbackpage can be found:
On eglfeedback

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03 April 2015 @ 11:15 am
Pupée is closed now and I need something else to organise and archive my Lolita closet.
So I'm working on a Picasa album but tracking down all the stockphotos is much work. Some of my stuff doesn't even have stockphotos and I need to take some. If you are interested here is a Link to my closet, keep in mind that this is just a very small part of it. ;)

And since Gothic Lolita Austria announced their Metamorphose teaparty I'm pumped and hyped. I already plan like crazy. I have 3,5/8 of my outfit complete even I don't know if I will get a ticket. XD
You should already know that I am crazy!

I bought some Meta shoes extra for this but I am not sure if this was a good idea.

Don't get me wrong, the design is awesome and I'm so excited for my first brand shoes (they were very cheap at Y!) but the colour! It's raspberry which should be metallic red but I don't know how it will turn out life. The shade is so strange I am unsure if it will fit the rest of my wardrobe which is mostly classic and gothic. But hell yes, it's Meta my very favourite brand!
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12 January 2014 @ 04:27 pm
I have a huge Lolita wishlist but some items have a higher priority which I want to list here.
Listing starts with alphabetical order.
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I will focus on this items this year and hopefully I will get one or two items. ;)
29 April 2013 @ 03:49 pm

  1. The prices do not always include shipping it depends your location!

  2. I am a pet owner (bunnies and cats)

  3. I have washed/cleaned all my stuff before I send it out!

  4. I have feedback.

  5. Prices are negotiable

  6. I do trades with items from my wishlist

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Feel free to ask questions. :)
I will post this to other communities aswell but people here have priority of course.
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